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Working on being your authentic...ideal self?

Candor Coaching with Kelye is now being offered to support you in being more engaged in deep learning and open to experience to live into your life with more zest! Do you want to be ALL IN in life?

If you want to improve personally or professionally, this style of coaching will allow you to get results to improve your self-leadership, group leadership, shared leadership and overall life leadership. We are all a work in progress becoming our best self, reaching towards resilience, positivity and overall grounded in optimism.

It will be

Building a Culture of Candor in the Workplace AND at Home

Open communication and connection are ongoing. It’s a two-way process. We are wired for connection. Being better than yesterday is our goal – one day at a time. The mindset – together, we’ll achieve more and grow, reduce being mind-readers and have more fun creating positive moments that move us forward is our goal. Kelye uses positive psychology and the ALL IN approach – connecting everyday – no exceptions!

  • Appreciate

  • Listen

  • Love

  • Inquiry

  • No Harm

...and off we go!

Candor Coaching

(Individual Session)
$ 149
  • 45-minute Laser Coaching

Candor Coaching

(Package of 3 Sessions)
$ 299
  • Three 45-minute Laser Coaching